Our home repair program helps provide free home repairs for low-income Tulsa homeowners.

How it works

  • Location: Home must be located within Tulsa City Limits
  • Ownership: House must be in applicant's name (we do not assist rental units or lease to own)
  • Applicant: Priority is given to seniors over the age of 60, people living with a disability, and families enrolled in EDUCARE
  • Income: Must meet low-income guidelines (see chart below)
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Note: Income limits may vary according to Program funding.


Home Repair Program

Revitalize T-Town's home repair program was created in 1997 out of the need for home repairs for homeowners living on limited incomes.  All homes are located in Tulsa City Limits.

The home repair program has three areas focused on some the biggest needs of our clients.  This includes replacing roofs, making homes energy efficient, providing home modifications and general needs such as carpentry, minor plumbing, minor electrical and paint.  These repairs are grouped under Roofs, Energy Efficiency and Safe at Home.  Homeowners can, and often, receive repairs in multiple focus areas of the home repair program as their needs are assessed on an individual basis.


One of the biggest needs for homeowners is roof replacement or repair. Many of the other repairs that are offered cannot be made until the roof is repaired or replaced. If other repairs are made to the home when the roof is leaking, these repairs are futile.  For example, insulation cannot be blown in for fear that it would get wet, sheetrock cannot be replaced and electrical repairs cannot happen. Faulty roofs can cause many issues for the low-income clients we serve.  Leaky roofs use a lot of energy causing high energy bills for homeowners on limited incomes.  This can cause stress and worry for the homeowner.  When inclement weather arrives, the moisture from the rain, ice or snow can cause additional damage to the home, which results in higher roof replacement costs and requires increased resources to make additional repairs. Many of the roof leaks are so severe, that homeowners are placing buckets under the leak to catch the rain or melting snow and ice.

Energy Efficiency

We are proud to partner with AEP/PSO to provide energy efficiency repairs as one of our home repair program focus areas. These repairs could include attic insulation, weatherizing doors and windows, sealing large gaps and cracks, etc. On average, $300 is saved by homeowners on their energy bill, which is 2% of our client's average income.

Safe at Home

Revitalize T-Town’s Safe at Home repairs focus on providing a safe living environment for the homeowner. These repairs could include grab bars, handrails, wheelchair ramps, accessibility modifications, minor electrical, plumbing repairs, debris removal or other home modification repairs that provide for the safety of our homeowners.



Client Stories

Ms. Phyllis

Ms. Phyllis

Ms. Phyllis has lived in her home for 32 years. Recently, her insurance company stated that to remain insured, she would need a roof replacement. Ms. Phyllis obtained roof replacement bids, but this repair was outside her single-income budget.

Ms. Phyllis also cares for several family members and constantly adjusts her schedule to meet their needs. "I don't really take care of myself because I'm caring for them." In addition, she works full-time and is facing challenges, including kidney failure and congestive heart failure.

Ms. Phyllis needed repairs in all three of Revitalize T-Town's focus areas: Roofs, Energy Efficiency, and Safe at Home. Revitalize T-Town replaced Ms. Phyllis' roof, installed grab bars in her shower, replaced a handrail on the exterior of her home, and repaired her siding. Ms. Phyllis also received a new exterior door and caulking around her windows.


Mr. Ken and Mrs. Wanda

Mr. Ken and Mrs. Wanda have lived in their home for as long as they have been married. They have worked the majority of their adult lives. Mr. Ken worked until 2020 when he suffered a heart attack. Mrs. Wanda is a breast cancer survivor and struggles with difficulties from her cancer treatment.

Mrs. Wanda told our team, "I love our neighbors. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Our home is a mess but we have a roof over our heads. I'm thankful." They had no central heat, needed energy efficiency repairs, and Safe at Home updates to help them continue living in their home.

Revitalize T-Town installed grab bars in their bathroom, built a new handrail on the front of the home, repaired their falling living room ceiling, replaced their roof, caulked around leaky windows - and more! Now Mr. Ken and Ms. Wanda can age in place more safely.

Ms. Alicia

Ms. Alicia

Ms. Alicia is a single mother with four children. Her 10-year-old son is disabled and has frequent disruptive outbursts during the day. Since the pandemic, all of her children attend virtual school, and there is no virtual para support for her disabled son. "Even with the windows locked, people have figured out how to get inside."

Thanks to the generosity of individuals, organizations, and businesses, Revitalize T-Town provided repairs on Ms. Alicia's windows, doors, back steps, and more!

Now Ms. Alicia can rest knowing her family is safe and can focus on the other priorities in their home!


Mr. Dwayne and Ms. Joyce

Mr. Dwayne and Ms. Joyce have been in their home for 41 years. They celebrated 44 years of marriage in March. Ms. Joyce worked at TPS, and Mr. Dwayne was a truck driver at Mill Creek before they retired. They both take a lot of pride in maintaining their home and making it hospitable. Retirement allows more time to work on their home, but aging keeps them from completing needed projects.

Thanks to the generosity of individuals, organizations, and businesses, Revitalize T-Town repaired their doors and bathroom flooring and installed grab bars and a taller toilet in their bathroom to help Ms. Joyce and Mr. Dwayne age safely in place!

Apply For Free Home Repairs

 If you would like to apply for free home repairs from Revitalize T-Town, call 918-742-6241 x202 to request a mailed application or download a homeowner application. When completed, mail to 14 E 7th Street, Tulsa, OK 74119. Incomplete applications will NOT be processed. All requested documents must be included. Meetings at the Revitalize T-Town office are by appointment only.

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“I can’t put my feelings into words. I appreciate it so much!”

– Ms. B.

“This has taken a lot of pressure off my daily worries.”

- Mr. B.

“It stays cooler in the summer. It doesn’t leak any more, and we love it! They did a nice job and we are really grateful”

– Mr. and Mrs. W.

"My home is warmer and weatherproof! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

– Ms M.

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